Cyril Pyrrhos


I was a very shy, introverted child who had sometimes trouble interacting with others. I soon became very contemplative and as far as I can remember, I have always been touched by the beauty of Nature, especially Trees. Their serenity and magnificent presence soothe me and help me ground and restore a fundamental connection with Mother Nature, even though I grew up in the Parisian suburbs. Whenever I meditate at the foot of a Tree, I can feel his creative energy and the bridge he raises between earth and sky. I really enjoy walking in the Forest and from an early age I used to pick up little elements from the soil, like others who collect shells on the beach as a reminder of a pleasant time. My precious collection quickly grew and I instinctively began to create masks and other creatures using those elements to pay tribute to Nature.

For the creative process of a mask, I usually sit on the ground and scatter various elements around me, without knowing yet, neither which one, nor where I will place it on the mask. I just let my inspiration go wild and try to empty my mind as a meditation exercise until each element finds its own place. In a similar way to the shamanistic path, I invoke the spirit of protectors beings and ambassadors of Nature's resilience. I call them Guardians.

I was attracted to the masks, because they are common to almost every human cultures with a great diversity of forms, materials and functions worldwide. Used to hide, to reveal or to protect, masks are fascinating objects which involve social, political and even sacred realities. They have the power to connect not only men to each other, but also to spirits and Nature. So masks are an interesting medium to carry a message and I believe that giving Trees a humanoid face may help them to be more recognised and respected as living beings and not only as useful materials.

Indeed, Trees have lived on Earth for hundreds of millions of years and have always helped humankind to breathe, to feed, to heat and to protect themselves. In other words: to survive. I consider Trees to be benevolent witnesses of our brief history on this planet. They have remained silent in front of the crazy and illusory superiority of men. It is high time to acknowledge their prime importance for our very survival.

My creations are intended to question, to raise awareness about biodiversity and environmental issues, and to remind humankind that its place is inherent to Nature.

My masks have been presented during performances and collaborations with various photographers and more recently exhibited at Compiègne in 2018, at the ecology book and press festival in Paris in 2019 or at the Métamorphose exhibition in Paris in 2022.

My creations are currently represented by the EPOCA gallery : 7, rue Saint Gilles 75003 Paris.